Causes and treatment of hip pain.

This is the first in a series of blogs about the causes and treatment of hip pain.

An Introduction to Back and Hip pain.

Most pain in the low back actually starts in the hips. Most back pain is not from a herniated disc, but starts in the hip.

  Let me repeat: the most common pain in the back or hip is not from a herniated disc or from a degenerated disc.

The sacroiliac joint. (See below) is the overwhelmingly common culprit. I started studying about the sacroiliac joints as a cause of pain in 1984: not much was known then.

Over many years, I learned a few new ways to look at this joint and a few new treatments. Each treatment was more successful than the last.

In 2004  I learned how to: understand; expertly diagnose;  treat; and heal the sacroiliac joint with simple exercises.

I have taught this material to over 150 therapists in the NY C area about sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This information is still unknown to the average therapist or doctor. 

Next, an MRI is rarely helpful for low back /hip pain.

For over 35 years I have read many times this conclusion in numerous medical journals. 

Only certain back problems need an MRI:                Possible fracture; Possible infection;  Possible tumor/growth/cancer; direct sudden injury to body; arthritis.

Almost all of the time, arthritis is not an important cause of low back pain, even if seen x-ray or MRI.

We will learn more about degenerated lumbar discs in a future blog.

Dr. Abraham Dr. Abraham is the owner of Chronic Injury Medicine, specializing in the recovery of pain and disability from chronic injuries.

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