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Chronic Injury Medicine

Irwin Abraham, M.D.

Dr. Abraham is a non-operative sports medicine MD physician who specializes in non-surgical treatments of lower back pain, shoulders, and other chronic physical ailments of tendons, ligaments, and around the joints. Feel free to search this site; examine our Injuries directory for a general idea of treatment options for specific conditions. This list is growing, as many injuries and conditions get added regularly.

Dr. Abraham works within an integrated model of specific diagnoses, body posture, pain, position, and movement. His approach follows the British Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine. His education in musculoskeletal medicine began in 1978 with courses in the U.S. by the British Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine. He earned their competency certificate in 1992 and went on to teach Musculoskeletal Medicine to physicians, physical therapists, and others from 1993 until 2005.

In 2005, Dr. Abraham moved from Rochester, NY to NYC. His major teaching efforts are currently directed to physical therapists about low back pain. He has educated over 40 separate physical therapy groups in the NYC area about more effective strategies to understand and treat chronic low back pain. He works in partnership with physical therapists he trusts, selected from these groups.

As in any website, any medical information contained on this site does not constitute a diagnosis—Information on this site is only a guide for your understanding and seeking further professional treatment.

For your initial visit, you need to plan for an hour with Dr. Abraham.
This involves one-on-one interaction with the doctor to obtain the details of your history and to conduct a detailed exam for roughly an hour. Most musculoskeletal diagnoses require a proper history and a detailed exam to determine exactly where the injuries are. Chronic injuries especially can affect other body sites and this requires special care to determine.


Prolotherapy is the injection of growth-stimulating natural substances (dextrose, already produced by the body) into the body’s tissues to create new natural tissues. We inject into tendons, ligaments, some muscles, and joints. The most common substance used in Prolotherapy is dextrose, the same sugar that is in the blood. We use dextrose mixed with a local anesthetic and sterile water. This safe substance is introduced with a local anesthetic into the areas of injury.

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Physical Therapy

Dr. Abraham has longstanding relationships with a number of physical therapists in and around New York City. A physical therapy referral comes with a specific and careful diagnosis as well as the peace of mind that Dr. Abraham personally approves the treatment given by the therapist in question.


Sometimes a simple manipulation can fix a longstanding problem that causes a lot of pain. These can often be performed the same day, in-office. All manipulations are very gentle. Dr. Abraham has many years of experience.