Irwin Abraham, MD, FACP


Sports Medicine Specialist. New York, NY.

Dr. Irwin
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Dr. Irwin Abraham, Sport Medicine Specialist

About Dr. Irwin Abraham

Dr. Abraham is here to provide you with a detailed and careful physical exam before starting any advanced treatment methods.

With over 40 years of experience in treating injuries, Dr. Abraham knows how to help. He does this through special injections and slow, careful movements to help ease any pain or discomfort you might be feeling.

Before starting any treatment, Dr. Abraham dedicates an initial 50 minutes to learn about your medical history and do a comprehensive exam.  This helps him to understand your health and plan the best way forward for you.

The treatments Dr. Abraham offers are based on a conversation with you and the thorough exam during the first visit. Combined this offers you the best way forward for your health and recovery.

85-90% recover from pain
Services Provided

Services Provided

Discover solutions for hand discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain

Arm and Hand Pain

Experiencing discomfort or pain in your hand or arm can significantly hinder your capability to perform even the most basic daily activities.

Explore solutions for lower back discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain.

Back Pain

Issues involving the sacroiliac joints, which are the points where your hips connect to your spine, are often the primary culprits behind instances of lower back pain.

Discover solutions for elbow discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain

Chronic Pain

If you're grappling with persistent pain following an accident or injury, a thorough evaluation can define the often multiple areas of pain. Treatments, and often then engaging in proper physical therapy can aid in restoring your mobility, thus making day-to-day activities more manageable. Dr. Abraham contacts your physical therapist to arrange the best process for recovery.

Discover solutions for foot discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot or ankle injuries can significantly hamper your ability to walk and frequently lead to long-term pain issues.

Explore solutions for shoulder discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries can be challenging to manage and are frequently recurrent, impeding mobility. These injuries can even lead to extremely painful conditions such as shoulder subluxations.

Discover solutions for neck discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain in the back of his neck.

Headaches and Neck Pain

Headaches are prevalent pain conditions that vary in intensity, from fleeting stress-induced discomfort to debilitating migraines.

Explore solutions for knee discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain

Hip and Knee pain

The hips and knees, being among the largest joints in your body, are prone to developing painful conditions such as arthritis, in addition to experiencing acute injuries.

Explore solutions for leg discomfort through our illustration of a man experiencing pain.

Sports Injury

Engaging in sports and physical activities significantly benefits both physical and mental health. However, these activities also carry a risk of potential sports-related injuries.



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Steve S.

When I first met Dr. Abraham my physical state was in shambles. Pain was my daily routine. I was an avid runner in my 20s, and an active baseball player, running every day, feeling great, staying in great shape, and loving life. Then an accident caused my hamstring to tear badly. As a professional physical trainer, I knew what exercises ought to help recovery, but those did not work. Neither did the Physical Therapists make me any better despite years of trying. The pain spread from the hamstring to the hips, the legs, up to the neck, almost everywhere. After each night doing an hour of stretching, each morning had me feeling as though I’d been in a car accident. I would have to stretch for at least 30 minutes just to get the day going. Little did I know then but the next several years were nothing more than a whirlwind of constant pain, horrific compensation issues. My body was just a mess. Dr. Abraham was the first Doctor I’d ever met who took the time to acknowledge and understand my pain. This is very unusual for any doctor but incredibly comforting for me as the patient. He started his examination with my feet. I found this very unorthodox but after over an hour in my initial consultation, he made careful diagnoses. YES, Dr. Abraham takes the time to listen, to properly do an exam, and to carefully diagnose. He developed a treatment plan. Between the safe shots (never any steroid) and fascia work, my life has changed. I had severe forearm pain that would normally require Tommy John surgery, like for baseball pitchers. But after just one week of working with the doctor, the pain went away! If you know pain you know how mentally exhausting it can be and that is a big part of what Dr. Abraham brings to the table, taking away that mental stress of not feeling good. The doctor also worked with me on my knee problems which turned out to be hip issues and feet issues. By following his protocol, these problems have dissipated and continue to get better. I no longer need that hour of evening stretching or the half-hour in the a.m. My stretching is again for maintaining fitness and flexibility, not relieving pain. Dr. Abraham is one of a kind as this treatment is a life-changing opportunity for those open to it.


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Katherine P.

Some years ago, Dr. Irwin Abraham instructed my business partners and me in techniques developed by Richard DonTigny, PT, for use with patients who suffer from lower back and pelvic pain. Dr. Abraham is extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics of the sacroiliac joint and has dedicated his practice to finding and using gentle and effective techniques to treat SIJ dysfunction and lower back pain. He stresses the importance of careful examination and evaluation before beginning any treatment. Many of our patients, especially those in the later stages of pregnancy, have benefited from treatment with the “DonTigny technique”, as taught by Dr. Abraham. This technique is perfect for women to manage their low back pain during pregnancy because it is extremely gentle and pain-free if performed properly. Since patients can perform this technique as part of a home exercise program, it provides prolonged results. I have found that following this technique with stabilization exercises is important for lasting results and returning to a previous level of function and activity. Thanks Dr. Abraham for your expert instruction and guidance!


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Emma U.

I have been seeing Dr. Abraham for various reasons for over 7years now. I was skeptical of Prolotherapy to begin with but the results spoke for themselves. Dr Abraham gave me hope when I had none..with his treatments my symptoms greatly subsided and I was able to regain my life. He is patient, caring and conscientious. He takes time and truly cares for his patients. Dr.Abraham is a diamond in the rough when weeding through the world of orthopedic and pain management doctors. Can’t recommend highly enough. Don’t to see him!


Experience the thrill of urban fitness with our image of a woman sprinting up a flight of stairs.

I’m a runner. As a runner, the most important thing is remaining injury free and staying healthy. I fractured my hip and spent over five years in physical therapy. Within just a couple months my lower back and the Sacroiliac joints started acting up which led to more hip and lower back pain. My physical therapist never addressed these complications. I kept hearing that the continuing pain still came from the fracture in my hip. After 2 years of Physical therapy, I developed more problems from so much compensation on the other side of my body by overusing the uninjured muscles on my uninjured side. Again, my physical therapist never addressed this. I just wanted to run again! I still remained in physical therapy for three more years with temporary results. Then I could finally run but not as much or as well. I had heard great things about Dr. Abraham‘s practice but wanted to give physical therapy it’s due diligence; that was a mistake. When I finally saw Dr. Abraham, my back and my hips felt more relaxed and opened up with just two appointments with him. Dr. Abraham started me on a plan of “DonTigny” exercises for the hips to do at home, all of which are easy and always meant to be painless. I learned that Dr. Abraham is the one who brought these exercises to New York. He came to NYC in 2006 and gave workshops to over 100 physical therapists. Without Dr. Abraham I do not know where I would be. I am now running and enjoying my life again. Aside, Dr. Abraham‘s bedside manner is second to none, he is extremely caring and unlike any doctor I have worked with. He listens, wants to know where you’re coming from and takes the time. If you’re in pain, this is your Doctor!


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Paul M.

Dr. Abraham, with his combination of pain-management therapies and caring manner, has literally given me a new lease on life. I had been suffering from back and leg pain for nearly three years before I found Dr. Abraham. As a photographer, I need to be on my feet and carry equipment; pain had severely limited my ability to work. I was in my late 60s, facing the bleak prospect of spending my remaining years in pain and with severely limited mobility. Before coming to Dr. Abraham, I had tried other practitioners and modalities, including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, epidural injections and yoga. None worked, and some made my condition worse. In desperation, I met with orthopedic surgeons, who wanted to “fuse” my spine and replace vertebrae with titanium rods and screws. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Abraham, who evaluated my issues and found them to be directly related to my sacrum, rather than my back or legs. I had been getting treatment for the wrong conditions, which explained why I wasn’t improving. He treated me with a regimen that included manipulations, stretches, exercises and a series of injections called prolotherapy. Within a few visits, I began to feel better and regained a great deal of the functionality that I had lost. Dr. Abraham has always maintained a caring, responsive attitude, combined with pain-management skills that are far in advance of any of the other providers that I’d seen. He has restored this artist’s ability to return to his life’s work.


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Stephany L.

I worked with Dr. Abraham over several months to alleviate fairly crippling pain from my bad back. His work was excellent and had a mitigating effect. I recommend him to similar sufferers.


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