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Our treatment options include:

Peri-neural injection therapy:
The careful injection of minimal amounts of dextrose or glucose, using tiny needles, to alleviate nerve pain beneath the skin. This safe and minimally invasive technique is designed to promote healing and provide relief from discomfort.

Dextrose or glucose Prolotherapy:
Targeted injections into injured tendons and ligaments, acting as a catalyst to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. This approach is designed to promote recovery and restore optimal function.

Gentle manipulation and specific exercises:
These movements enhance mobility and promote healing in a controlled and effective manner.

Fascial Massage
A non-operative technique involving the direct mechanical repair of the fascia, a critical layer of tissue beneath the skin. This method, akin to therapeutic massage, is designed to alleviate discomfort and facilitate healing in a non-invasive manner.

Prolotherapy Treatment

Prolotherapy Treatment

Prolotherapy is a medical technique that involves injecting growth-promoting substances like dextrose or glucose into bodily tissues to stimulate the creation of new natural tissue. This method traces its roots back to England in 1927 and was further developed by Dr. George Hackett in the 1930s, with a comprehensive book on the subject published in 1956. Today, two professional organizations regularly instruct both U.S. and international physicians in this technique.

The traditional form of Prolotherapy utilizes a higher concentration of 12.5% dextrose solution. The substances most frequently used in Prolotherapy are dextrose or glucose, which is the same type of sugar found in the bloodstream. For treatment, we combine dextrose or glucose with a local anesthetic and sterile water. This safe mixture is then injected into the areas of injury, serving as a catalyst for healing and recovery.

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Gentle Manipulations

With 40 years of expertise, Dr. Abraham is skilled in the art of gentle manipulations, which can often be an effective alternative or supplement to injection therapies. These procedures involve performing very gradual movements with patients to alleviate discomfort. Before carrying out any manipulations, Dr. Abraham meticulously reviews each patient's medical history and conducts a thorough physical examination. These subtle manipulative techniques can prompt various parts of the body to respond positively, resulting in significant relief and improved function.

Dr. Abraham brings a wealth of experience in collaborating with physical therapists. In addition to his clinical practice, he has spent years educating physical therapists in his areas of expertise. He takes great care in referring his patients to specific therapists whom he knows personally and trusts to deliver high-quality care tailored to his patients' needs.He maintains a curated list of trusted therapists, ensuring that his patients receive the best possible care. Moreover, Dr. Abraham remains in communication with the therapists throughout the treatment process, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal patient outcomes.

The Fascial Distortion Mode

The Fascial Distortion Mode

This novel technique is non-invasive (no needles involved) and employs an intense massage approach as an in-office treatment for persistent or sudden-onset musculoskeletal pain.

Fascia is a thin yet vital layer of tissue found beneath the skin throughout the entire body. Imagine it as a tube enveloping and intertwining with all our muscles, closely adhering to their outer borders and aiding in their proper movement. Damage to the fascia can result in persistent pain, often lasting for years.

The fascia can sustain local damage, turning into a unique and chronic source of discomfort. This damage may manifest in a variety of ways: a small indentation under the skin, a band of sensitivity, a restriction in joint mobility, or a larger area that's tender to touch, such as part of the thigh or arm.

We initially locate the painful areas in the fascia by having patients indicate their pain patterns using their thumbs, fingers, and hands. Each patient shows where the pain starts and where it ends. It's possible to find single or multiple different types of fascial damage in the same or adjacent areas.

The treatment approach we use is "non-invasive," meaning it doesn't involve needles. We use our fingers and hands to apply pressure or rub the affected areas, essentially smoothing out the fascial layer. It's remarkable how quickly pain can diminish or even disappear under the influence of this manual pressure. We apply this pressure for a duration ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.

At times, the pressure applied by the thumb, finger, or hand may cause a temporary increase in pain. However, any discomfort caused during treatment is typically brief and not severe, unbearable, or damaging. Bruising is uncommon, and significant improvement often follows swiftly during the office visit itself.

Like many other treatments, this approach may require several sessions to achieve lasting results.

Please note that this particular treatment is not covered by insurance companies. Therefore, there will be an out-of-pocket charge for the services rendered.

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Direct Neural Treatment

Direct Neural Treatment

This particular therapy is a recent addition to the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) treatment options we offer. It operates on the same principle as using dextrose (glucose) solution to alleviate pain and promote healing, but instead, it involves directly and gently engaging with the nerves situated just beneath the skin.

My teacher on this subject, Dr. Everett Johnson, pioneered this method of gently addressing these nerves. Each nerve connects on either side to the tissue layer lying just beneath a small portion of the skin, known as the Fascia. Fascia irritations can put tension on the subdermal nerves, similar to how a tiny crease can distort a shirt.

In this Direct Nerve Treatment, we use one or two fingers to apply various types of pressure on the fascia connected to the nerve, not the nerve itself. After a minute or so, the associated pain typically lessens considerably, the fascia releases its grip on the nerve, and the nerve regains its normal, softer, and less painful state. As with all treatments, one or more follow-up sessions may be required.

One major advantage of this treatment is that it only involves the gentle use of fingers or thumbs—no needles or injections are needed.

Please note, there will be a separate charge for Fascial Distortion (FDM) treatment in this office, in addition to any insurance co-pay, and for any extensive injection therapy performed on the same day.

Ozone treatment

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is produced by running pure oxygen, identical to the oxygen we breathe into our lungs, through a compact device on my desk. This process transforms it into a reactive form that promotes healing, albeit in minimal amounts.

These minuscule particles, referred to as ozone, are highly effective in promoting the healing of muscles, ligaments, and other tissues within the body. Ozone therapy has been in practice for over 35 years in Europe and is backed by numerous published studies.

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