25 Apr 2022

Learning about how the hip works

Think of the low back and the hips as closely related, One usually affects the other. But we are focused today on the hip.

The 2 hips each connect on each side of the sacrum - the lowest part of the spine- by a large joint between these bones.

Some  of us are just a little out of position in our bodies. The spine will curve a little to the right or left above the level of the hips. The reason is some minor twisting o the spine.

This twisting is called scoliosis. About 14 % of people may have this twist: a spine that is a little crooked.

This 14 % scoliosis causes no harm. Someone with scoliosis of 30 % or more has a serious problem.

This amount of twisting is easy to spot; it badly affects someone; it needs a different specialist for this amount of scoliosis. For most people, we are talking about spines that are pretty straight or nearly straight.

I was taught by Richard DonTigny, a brilliant physical therapist, that the reason for a little bit of scoliosis is because most often one hip is chronically slightly higher than the other when someone is standing.