21 Mar 2022

Opportunities for treatment of your sacroiliac pain

There is a big problem in medicine with understanding the sacroiliac joint.

I have seen over many years that many physicians seem to lack understanding about the sacroiliac joint, either in the diagnosis or in the best treatments.

However, a large number of physical therapists in NY  City have learned about the sacroiliac joint from me in workshops.

I  utilize the best exercises to easily and painlessly move the forward hip back to where it belongs. This does take a number of visits.

Sometimes injections are being needed as well with PROLOTHERAPY,  or Peri-neural Injection Therapy, a safe sugar solution (See the website about injections ).

We never use any steroids, also known as cortisone.  I always start in my office with hands-on examining and exercises. Any injections may not be needed so we use them later on.

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