18 Apr 2022

Pain starts when the hip doesn’t move well enough

One’s pain starts with irritation of the 5 nerve roots that emerge from the side of the sacrum.

The hips  connect on each side of the sacrum - the lowest part of the spine- by a large joint between these bones

The hip always rotates forwards several degrees and then back to starting position as part of walking.

It moves a little bit forward but never more than 5 to 7°.

A number of things will cause a slightly rotated hip, remaining more forward than it should be. This causes an unbalanced hip on one side, just a little.

This forward movement will twist the spine above, and result in your shoulder being higher on the opposite side.

If you look in the mirror, you can see that the left shoulder is a little higher than the right, when the right hip is rotating a little too forward.

For most of us,  twisting is not important and we have no pain.

If you look down at your feet you may notice that one or another foot is twisted out to the side. Surprise!! the slightly twisted hip causes this abnormal movement.