14 Mar 2022

Running and other issues fixed with our treatments

Steve’s injury:

Is a long time runner, committed Baseball player, and a personal trainer, with many years’ history of injuries. Most of the injuries were mild but he continued with persistent pain over 14 or more years. Several years years ago he had an unfortunate hip injury. It took years to mostly recover. although looking trim and athletic, he also had other continual new and old discomforts. He was almost like a battered up old car. His other leg had new pain because it worked to compensate for the originally injured hip. . All this bothered his ability to run and his own exercise routines. Almost every day, his body felt stiff. He did a lot of stretches daily with temporary improvement in mobility and decreased pain level. But the pain kept on.

About 10 months ago he started to see me for his multiple injuries, starting with neck and shoulder discomfort,  the upper and lower back, elbow,  knees, legs and feet.

The first exam was directed at his feet for his plantar fasciitis(pain on the bottom of the foot often related to running.)An examination of his ankle and foot revealed some pain in the bottom of the foot and stiffness and impaired mobility of both big Toes. Briefly, he was unable to actively or passively push up his big toe from a neutral position to close closer to his knee and ankle. This abnormality prevents proper walking and running. A proper which is orthotic over the counter and adaptable was provided leading to quick recovery within several weeks. He still wears those orthotics that were developed by one of my teachers Howard Dananberg DPM. It’s unfortunate that most other podiatrists that I have talked to over many years have a poor understanding of the importance of this big toe.

Then he agreed to start treating his other body parts.We started at the neck and shoulders using Per-neural injections (PIT) and mild and gentle manipulations at the neck.AT THIS POINT YOU MAY WANT to LOOK PERI-NEURAL INJECTION THERAPY It uses very tiny, very short needles I have had years of much experience much to keep this office procedure as easy as possible.Then he agreed to move on to other body parts. Each set of the PIT injections have provided some relief. This a cumulative project. PIT usually requires 2 to 6 sets of injections at least a couple days apart; the results demonstrate an instant decrease in pain and improved strength and mobility.

With Repetitions of PIT, the painless days start lasting longer, and eventually all pain is lost. Healing is then permanent.

The pandemic has certainly interfered with the continuation of injections that he

has now made much more progress. Recently he began to complain of intermittent pain in the right knee. This is been treated again with PIT and he has returned to his running. He was of course advised to start gradually to never run into any pain during the run after that evening as I always say especially the next day. Recently we took  another look at his leg and foot:; it turned out that he had some stiffness at the ankle so that It does not bend up enough. That is where we started months before.

Also, at this time now,  he had forgotten the simple and very importanttwice-a-day exercises for maintaining the good movements of his big toes, that I had taught.

So, the want of a good working toe and the lack of a good working ankle prevented proper motion of his knee. S.. is now back to running over 34 min at a time without pain.

He is a lot happier these days and has been able to decrease his stretching time; his running increased back up to 46 minutes, close to his normal 1 hour. At the same time, we have been working on his neck, shoulders, baseball pitching-related elbow pain, lateral right elbow, hips, and his low back.